Shields Up


This is a very early beta! Use at your own risk.

Shields Up aims to mitigate the flood of tweets that can inundate a user when a single account publicly mentions their twitter handle. Instead of using a follower list as a source for accounts to block, we build our list based off of interactions such as retweets of the offending user.

How it works

After logging into twitter, you will be asked to enter a username that is the source of unwanted attention toward you. Shields Up will gather a list of accounts that may be likely to follow a dogpile request, based on followers, retweets, and/or replies. You will then be prompted to download a list of user ids that can be imported via Twitter's new block import, available from your Twitter Settings page. Note that the rollout is expected to take several weeks; you may not have this option available yet.

Shields Up is an Open Source project by OAPI. The backend is Ruby and the frontend is PHP. Feel free to review/contribute at

Still want to try it?

If you are certain you want to try Shields Up in its BETA state, proceed on.